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Expertise in Wood and Corian®

Image is a contemporary joinery company which designs and manufactures Corian® furniture and top-of-the-range solid wood bathroom furniture.

Our company targets professionals and consumers in the fields of kitchens, bathrooms, professional or public equipment and in the world of design.

Our two main activities are:

1 / Custom-made vanity tops, furniture and fittings made from Corian® (a synthesized material produced by DuPont™). Production can be unit or serial. Since 1991, when Image was chosen by Du Pont de Nemours to fit Corian®, the company has acquired experience in numerous fields, from kitchen and bathroom worktops to the shaping of top-of-the-range Corian® furniture, including equipment such as reception desks, public bathrooms and hospital draining boards. Image now works in collaboration with kitchen designers and architects, taking charge of the complete production of work tops from measurement to installation.

2 / Wood. Thanks to an exclusive patent that enables wood to be made water- and air-resistant, the company Image designs solid wood wash basins and baths. Almost 20 years of experience ensures these products indisputable quality and durability.

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Christophe Isaac is supported by a team of 15 people who manage the advisory and manufacturing functions right up to installation.

Christophe Isaac is supported by a team of 15 people who manage the advisory and manufacturing functions right up to installation.

- Requests for estimates are responded to rapidly using the most exact price calculations, validated by experience.

- The research department provides technical advice for complex and innovative projects.

- The foreman, in conjunction with the research department, regularly adjusts the production planning to customers’ time constraints.

- In addition to their training in joinery or fitting, employees receive in-house training in Corian® shaping techniques.

- The company has almost 20 years’ experience in Corian® shaping and thermoforming.

- A loyal team of meticulous fitters specializing in the fitting and finishing of Corian®.

- Guarantee: In our capacity as a Certified Corian® Fitter and Quality Network member, the DuPont company guarantees our products for 10 years.

- In the production of solid wood baths and basins, the company Image is supported by the 1985 manufacturing patent and has since improved its application.

- Our 20 years’ experience in manufacturing wood basins and baths ensure their quality and durability.

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Quality procedure :

The company Image initiated a quality control procedure in 2002: Qualipem, in accordance with ISO 9001. Since then it has constantly been improving its formal internal targets in order to best meet customers’ expectations in terms of quality and service: Each project is confirmed by a technical design layout to be validated; production is controlled at each stage; internal measures are taken regularly to prevent non-conformity.

Cost optimization :

For the last 10 years, Image has been one of France’s leading Certified Corian Fitters in terms of turnover. This volume of business enables the company to obtain the best purchasing terms.

It is through this constant optimization of logistical flows and the rationalization of its production that Image is able to offer its customers the best quality-price ratios on its services and has been able to keep its prices unchanged for the last eight years.

Production tools :

In addition to the digitally controlled router, furnaces and vacuum press for thermoforming Corian, Image is the only company in the field to have a device equipped with digital sensors for template creation. The result obtained is an unprecedented degree of precision in dimensioning, as well as a reduction in time and waste.

Company history :

1983 : Creation of the company by Christophe Isaac in 1983.

1988 : Purchase of the first digitally controlled machining centre.

1990 : Repurchase of a patent for waterproofing of wood: manufacture of solid wood basins and baths. The company exports to Germany, Japan, the Middle East and later the USA and Russia.

1991 : The Image team is chosen and trained by DuPont to be a Certified Corian Fitter.

2002 : Qualipem approval in accordance with ISO 9001.

2009 : ECO Conception procedure with UNIFA (Furniture Manufacturing Union) and the Rhône Alpes region.

2010 : Expansion of office space and creation of a showroom.

2012 : Getting Label “EPV” for technical know-how.

2013 : Parchase numerical control machining center – HOMAG.

2015 : CSTB certification acquisition for manufacturing Corian® wall.

2016 : First time realizing Corian® wall: Silex building at Lyon.

2018 : IMAGE sold to SAGE Holding and Herve HOFF is appointed as CEO.

Key figures :

Our turnover increase each year from 10 years.

CA 2000 : 930 K€

CA 2004 : 1300 K€

CA 2008 : 1600 K€

CA 2012 : 1675 K€

CA 2016 : 2053 K€

CA 2017 : 1 609 k€